>There Aren’t Nine Million Bicycles in London, but I’ve done a million on my bike this year!

>Its not as impressive as it sounds, its only one million meters cycled this year so far. Still, that is 1000 kilometres or over 625 miles. Its not bad considering I have not managed any weekend rides yet- this mileage is nearly all done before/ after work each day. Today being the furthest I have ridden all year, 52 miles, being only 2/3 rds of the daily total I will have to do on LEJoG.At least when I got home I wasn’t too tired. In fact, if it hadn’t been raining all the way home, I would have extended the ride even further. Next target is to get a metric ton in (100km or 62.5 miles) before/ after my commute.

From next week however, I am going to be out on site on an inspection for most of the next few weeks. Normally this would limit my ability to cycle, but the body we are inspecting have kindly arranged for me to get access to their secure car park and have allowed me to use their shower facilities etc, so I can Carry on Cycling (Cue for Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams to appear?). The only downside is this organisations offices are nearer my home than my own organisations offices, so I’ll have to find new loops to put in to extend the rides.

>Happy Birthday

>Happy Birthday mother – I’ll spare you the blushes of revealing how old you are.

I spent the weekend riding on 2 wheels, but this time with an engine. I’d never ridden a motor bike or moped before. [ NOTE to woman from British Consulate in Benidorm – I did not have a motorbike accident in 1987 – unlike what you repeatedly told me when I was in hospital there] I had great fun doing my CBT course. Will I go on to get my full bike licence? That’s a challenge for later on in the year. Its difficult to fit in the lessons though as I spend my weekends between here and Nottingham and having lessons means not spending time with Jo. I don’t own a motorbike, I commute on my pushbike and don’t want to change that. I walk to the shops from my home, have excellent public transport in tubes, buses and trains nearby, so why do I need a motorbike I hear people ask. I don’t is the answer, but I want to challenge myself to pass the test.

Well as to my cycling, I have now managed over 500 miles so far this year, just commuting to / from work and am trying to increase my round trip commute to a minimum of 30 miles a day and preferably 40+miles. I’ve not managed a weekend ride yet, but have got a couple of Audax events in mind (Tom, are you taking note?) for March and April.

500 miles may sound impressive , but its very flat riding from here to work. I need to try to get myself out on a weekend and go riding in the forest, that’s Epping, not Hamsterly for you Geographically challenged.

I think I also need to get on sorting out what I am going to do about route planning. I think I am going to get myself a Garmin GPS device and route plan on that. It will save the weight of lots of maps and will also act as my computer for the ride etc – oh and its a gadget to play with.

Right- time to get ready and out for my morning commute. the earlier I set off the more miles I can get in and the more likely I can get a couple of laps of Hyde Park in- its beautiful early morning there- its worth the ride to see it- its one of London’s treasure.

Oh and for those who have expressed concerns, I have amended my profile! I checked on my birth certificate and the profile was wrong

>Is it scary for you?

>The more I think about LEJoG, the more daunting it gets.

I keep thinking that I am going to have to average each day further than I have ever cycled in a day. That scares me. However, I am at least riding daily to and from work. Its a 25 mile round trip, but I have been averaging somewhere between 30 and 40 miles a day (weekdays only) so far this year. Sadly for me, the route I commute on is flat, so no practice for the hills. However, 40 miles a day at this time of year has got to be a good start and give me a basis to build up the distance as the days get longer.

The travel arrangements to and from the ride are starting to come together. I am going by train to Penzance, staying with a friend there and setting off the next morning from Lands End. My partner has managed to get some time off work, so is going to meet me at John O’ Groats and is coming by car so I don’t need to worry about ScotRail from Wick/ Thurso to Inverness. I have a few days off work after I complete the ride, so it will be nice to travel slowly back from JoG, hopefully visiting Edinburgh and the Northumberland Coast.

I keep thinking that I should really start to plan the route I am going to take, but every time I start to think about it, I just see hills in Devon & Cornwall and get distracted.

Never mind, this weekend to distract me from cycling, I am off to do my motorbike CBT. That should be fun as I have never ridden a motorbike before. Perhaps if I get to like riding a motorbike, I can do LEJoG on one of those, it would be easier on the legs.

The good news about planning this ride is that it gives me an incentive to lose some weight. I am motivated by the idea of having less weight to lug up those hills.

>I want to ride my bicycle

>I’ve Set Up a Blog
Well that’s a first for me!

Hopefully over the next few days, i can work out how to use this blog and can start recording what I am planning and how I am hoping to do it.

Basically, I am hoping to cycle LEJOG (Lands End to John O’ Groats) from 9th May to around 24th May ( or 25th). I will be doing it solo and unsupported. I am planning to stay in B&Bs & Hotels along the way. I like my creature comforts too much for a camping trip. I reckon I will have to average over 70 miles a day, which is daunting as I have never done more than about 70 miles in a day ever.

Right – time for work