>There Aren’t Nine Million Bicycles in London, but I’ve done a million on my bike this year!

>Its not as impressive as it sounds, its only one million meters cycled this year so far. Still, that is 1000 kilometres or over 625 miles. Its not bad considering I have not managed any weekend rides yet- this mileage is nearly all done before/ after work each day. Today being the furthest I have ridden all year, 52 miles, being only 2/3 rds of the daily total I will have to do on LEJoG.At least when I got home I wasn’t too tired. In fact, if it hadn’t been raining all the way home, I would have extended the ride even further. Next target is to get a metric ton in (100km or 62.5 miles) before/ after my commute.

From next week however, I am going to be out on site on an inspection for most of the next few weeks. Normally this would limit my ability to cycle, but the body we are inspecting have kindly arranged for me to get access to their secure car park and have allowed me to use their shower facilities etc, so I can Carry on Cycling (Cue for Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams to appear?). The only downside is this organisations offices are nearer my home than my own organisations offices, so I’ll have to find new loops to put in to extend the rides.

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