>This Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

>Well after managing to clear 700 miles for January on my way home from work on Friday, February hasn’t started as well. Monday morning brought 4-6″ of snow and no chance of commuting to work. I eventually decided that I would attempt to get into work via public transport, only because I am starting work at a new site and needed to get a photo pass to access the bike storage facility. (The passes are only issued on a Monday between 10 -12). I eventually getting to the new site shortly after 11am, only to find those responsible for the photo passes had not made it in. Grrrr all that effort to get in, paying for public transport and still no photo pass.

I spent Monday evening, fitting new mudguards to my touring bike and fitting 35mm tyres, instead of the previous 28mm ones. I thought that the touring bike with wider tyres would be a better bet in poor road conditions than my usual fixie (fixed wheel bike).

Waking up to an icy morning, I decided to brave cycling in on Tuesday, but had to walk the bike from my house to the main road as it was far too icy to ride the side street. I had a good ride in as there was virtually no traffic. I think London had paid attention to the hysterical media the day before and took the view they could not get to work. However as it was so cold and icy, I only cycled the direct route to my office and left the bike there and got tube to the new site. I did however manage to get a photo pass. So on Wednesday, I took my suit etc to the new site so that I can start cycling directly (or eventually) to the new site instead of going via my office. I’ll still try to fit in a ride through Hyde Park though as it is stunningly beautiful going via there, Green Park & St James’ Park before or after work.

Wednesday was another day cycling the direct route to the office and back, so only 50 miles done so far this week by Wednesday night. I’ll see what tomorrow brings and try to do a longer commute in and out now most of the snow has melted. Sadly & happily, Friday will only be a one way commute. Sadly that is on the mileage front, but happily because I am off to Grantham on the train to meet up with Jo and then on to Scarborough for the weekend. I told Jo that I’ve cycled enough miles this year to have cycled to her house (Nottingham) and back twice and still have enough miles left over to cycle up to Nottingham again and probably get back as far as Milton Keynes or Cambridge.

The only good thing about this weather is that it means I have been riding my touring bike which is the one I intend to ride LEJoG on. So it meant I have fitted the new mudguards and can check what else needs doing to it before the ride.