>Cigarettes & Alcohol (Thanks; Noel & Liam)

>Another six days has passed, and I’ve managed a total of…. not many miles. I managed 0 on Wednesday as I was in court at Canterbury on a couple of drug smuggling matters. Thursday I managed 35 miles, Friday I managed 31 miles and on Sunday I managed 16 miles and today I was back up in court for a couple of matters of smuggling several million cigarettes through the port at Dover, so no cycling again today. I think its only 200 miles so far this month – that’s not impressive.

Hopefully tomorrow I might get a ride.

You will note i never made mention of Saturday in my list of cycling events. Well on Saturday, Tom and Jo managed to go cycling at Hogg Hill, but I merely handed out bikes to others in my role dealing with bike hire at Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club. Its ironic that Jo and Tom get to ride, but I don’t! As Saturday was Valentine’s Day, I arranged a special treat for Jo. I told her I was taking her out for lunch and then to see a show on Saturday afternoon. She seemed excited at this prospect and told me how wonderfully romantic I was. That is, until we arrived for lunch and she realised it was at the Greasy spoon Cafe in Leyton and the show was watching Orient against Crewe in the football. Apparently I a selfish unromantic pig? There’s no pleasing some people is there? [Only joking Jo – honest!!!!]

I’ve just spent sometime online booking train tickets to Grantham for weekends in Nottingham, and I am almost at the start of my LeJoG trip. Its scary how quick it is coming around! At least I have been told today my GPS device has been sent to me, so I can now try to get that to work and start trying to work out how to put the route into it.

I’ve just spent sometime trying to find some links for the titles of all these posts. If you click on the titles you will see the inspiration behind the titles. I am afraid to confess that, I’ve just reminded myself of one of my favourite pop artists. I’m not admitting on here who it is though – you’ll have to work it out.

2 thoughts on “>Cigarettes & Alcohol (Thanks; Noel & Liam)

  1. >Oh gawd, he’s on the Oasis stuff =[ I’d just like to state that I didn’t go cycling at Hogg Hill and leave you on your own last week. I went out down to Chadwell Heath and left you on your own 😛 and normally I help with bike hire ar the beginning until people are going onto the circuitI’ve heard of good valentines presents, but you took Jo to see something she hasn’t seen often. An Orient victory! =]- I want paying for that 😛

  2. >Also can I have a guess that a certain person may be getting dragged into riding long distances with you in the build up to this ride.Just like to point out I’ve only ridden 30 miles in one day this year…….

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