>What Difference Does it Make?

>This is a question that I’m sure many of us ask regularly.

Well, as far as training is concerned, it makes a lot of difference. I actually got out and rode on a Sunday for the first time in ages. Many thanks to Tom for ensuring I got out and put in some 40miles round the Essex lanes. A lumpy ride in a strong south westerly wind made for good practice. I got to ride my good bike for the first time in months and remembered why I like that bike. It is a shame its not the one I’ll be LEJoGing on, but it doesn’t have mudguards, or room to fit them. It was a sobering thought to think that after today’s 40miles that that is only around 1/2 the distance I will have to do every day for a fortnight.

I have managed to get a few more arrangements sorted out for the ride now. I made a list of all the things i will need to take with me. Then when I remembered how small my Carradice Longflap Saddle bag is, I tried to prune the list, but only ended up adding more items to the list.

I now have my luggage bag(s) sorted, the saddlebag and the handlebar bag. I have also sourced a couple of minor items i need to get and now just have to work out how to use the GPS device and plot my route to upload into it.

Anyone fancy offering me accommodation en route?

I took my touring bike into the bike shop this weekend and whilst looking at what needed doing, discovered signs of fatigue in the wheel rim, so am having to fork out for a new rear wheel. However, better now than finding this out halfway to JoG.

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