>Down, Down, Deeper and Down

>Its not a comment on cycling, or even on my swimming, but it is sadly a comment on certain football teams.

Hmmm lets see Wigan gates of 15,000 and 7th in Premiership. Newcastle, gates of 52,000 and sinking faster than the Titanic. Mike Ashley and his Cockney Mafia aka S*nd*rl*nd Double Agents are doing their jobs superbly. And you thought circuses were no more…. I did think of having the title of this thread as Do you know the Way to MK (with apologies to Dionne Warwick) as its where we will be playing next season.

And as for Leyton Orient last Saturday…..the least said the better.

Cycling wise, I have managed a reasonable(ish) amount of cycling since last week. I managed to ride 44 miles on Wednesday to/from work. I even managed 12.5 miles on Thursday despite driving to and from Dover. I rode over to the LVYCC Committee meeting. I must comment that it is a shame that only 2 of us ride to the meeting and the rest come in their cars. Call themselves cyclists…….

I managed another 40 miles on Friday, a couple of short rides totalling 23 miles over the weekend with Tom and Jo, and then a 40 mile day again today. At least I’m now doing 40miles without too much effort. That must be a good sign.

Sadly, after tomorrow I will not get to ride again this week as I am off to Manchester and not able to take the bike.

Talking about work trips, i have to make 2 comments about my visit to Dover last week.

  1. Vera Lynn lied to me. There were no bluebirds over those cliffs
  2. I was surprised at how many Polish people were before the courts for customs related offences that day. Perhaps it was Polish day in court. In fact, if the Polish and other East European defendants were not before the court, then the morning’s list would have been completed before 11am.

and… talking of the weekend, I drove past Petticoat Lane Market. i have not been to the market itself for many many years. It requires an early start to get oneself down to the market before it gets too packed. From what I remember, it was an interesting morning out. It could be a great day out if one visits the area again in the evening as it is of course also home to Brick Lane and the curry houses there.

Its now less than seven weeks till I am due to start LEJoG. In fact in 2 months time today, I will be hopefully finishing the ride. Its coming round far too fast. I have not even sorted out my route yet, or tried to see if all my kit will fit in my bag etc.

Hopefully by this time next week I will have got closer to being ready.