>The Final Countdown

>Well it is now rapidly heading for the start of my LEJoG.

With the bank holiday coming up this weekend, and possibly no riding on Friday either, I am down to 5 riding days before I start. Am I nervous? What do you think?

Are all the preparations completed? Not likely. I still have not tried to see if I can get all my kit in my bag(s) yet. In fact I am not sure I have all the kit I need. I did go out yesterday and buy what may prove to be an essential item- the tub of sudocrem. After posting this entry, I am going to start to round up the items I am taking to try to fit them in my bags.

I did try cycling with a full saddle bag and a full handlebar bag on Friday night and Monday morning to/ from Jo’s house from Grantham Railway Station. I have to say I surprised myself and Jo by getting to her house in less than an hour from the station. I thought it wasn’t bad as that time includes, getting the bike off the train, fitting the bags to the bike and carrying the bike over the platforms and bridge to the road. It is some 17.3 miles so I was well pleased with that, especially as I usually average about 13mph. It only took me 64 minutes to do the return journey on Monday morning, and that was into a head wind.

As part of my intensive build up to the start of my ride, I am going to spend the bank holiday weekend with Jo, travelling to Cardiff for a birthday party (hello Cathy!), then the next day travelling from Cardiff onto Plymouth to see Jo’s beloved Barnsley FC hopefully avoid defeat and thereby retain their place in the Championship. This is essential as I want to visit Barnsley next season when Newcastle are in the Championship. [Memo to Alan Shearer – its about now we need to pick up some points if we are to avoid relegation]. I do hope that drinking lots of alcohol two days running is appropriate training for my ride. Alcohol, travelling and bank holiday weekends go together – as do seaside towns.

Finally, must just say a quick hello to Greg and the rest of the Nash family and remind them that its their turn to visit us on a Saturday night- but we don’t serve sausage, egg and chips! Greg is the person that invited me and Tom to watch Orient play one game eight or so years ago and we’re still suffering even now. Mind you of late, its been a bit less painful as they have started to win the odd game.

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