>Its now only just over 3 days till it all starts. Scary isn’t it?

I’m glad I decided to pack in a minimalist fashion as I seem to be ending up with more and more kit to take with me. What about this and that and this as well. Lots of helpful suggestions from lots of people. I will end up having to take a rain check on some of the items. Will I make the right choice? Only time will tell. Hopefully my credit card can enable me to purchase anything I do not take with me if it proves to have been the wrong choice to leave it behind.

I’ve decided that I am going to take it easy this week, so not doing much more than the basic 25 mile round commute each day. Time to start putting those last minute plans into action. Must remember to put the bins out this week and ensure all the perishable foods in the fridge are disposed of. I’ll even have to remember to ensure there are no dirty cups left to grow mouldy whilst I am away.

I have sorted out arrangements for the night before I start the ride in Penzance with friends. They have even kindly offered to take me down to Lands Ends on Saturday morning and to meet up with me for lunch somewhere on the way. True friends indeed :-).

I’ve just emailed my cousin to sort out staying with him and his wife one night, its just a shame I am not sure if it will be at the end of day 6 or day 7. I am not setting any absolute distance targets for each day as I do not know how hard I will find it. However, early starts and late finishes will hopefully give me enough time to get decent distances in each day.

I see today that Sir Chris Hoy is planing on doing LEJoG this summer. He is doing a supported ride ( ie got someone to carry his luggage) and is planning on doing it in 10 days. This makes me feel my hoped for 14/ 15 days is optimistic!

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