>Go West

>Well, my bags are just about packed. Just waiting for the tumble drier to finish, then it will be time to finalise the packing. Put recharged batteries in the GPS, charge up the lights (just in case), and then breakfast and away. No, silly, the GPS , batteries & lights are NOT in the tumble drier.

Like some sad masochist, I have been up since silly o’ clock this morning, surfing the net, looking at the route profile for the first few days. It seems to be vertical, apart from the parts that are steeper!

Is it too late to develop swine flu?

Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound.

Seriously, albeit a bit apprehensive and nervous, I am looking forward to this trip. I’m off to Paddington to get the 12:06 train to Penzance. Five hours on a 125 train :-(. At least I am in 1st Class, so will make full use of the free tea and coffee they provide. Then when I get to Penzance, meet up with friends and a curry, before an early night and then breakfast time tomorrow it all kicks off.

So, in accordance with the title of this thread, I am about to Go West!

One thought on “>Go West

  1. >I wish to complain about this song link. The words do not match the song. I always thought it was “Nayim, From The Half Way Line! Nayim….”

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