>Tomorrow’s Just Another Day

>Well, I made it to Penzance thanks to Worst sorry, First Great Western trains. I decided to take public transport to Paddington so I would not be in full cycling kit on the train. So after taking bike on local train & the Tube, I arrived @ Paddington in time to visit the 1st Class passenger lounge to the horror of the posh people in suits or posh outfits. Was it my multi-coloured cleated shoes clicking on the wooden floor or was it the cycling jacket I had on that shocked them? Surely it was not my putting my bike in the corner of the lounge that horrified them.

When I got on the train, the guard’s van is at front of the train & 1st class at the rear. After securing my bike in the full guard’s van-6 bikes going all the way to Penzance – the train was ready to depart, so I had to walk through the train carrying my luggage. The guard by the buffet obviously thought I looked out of place to pass him into the 1st class carriages. Obviously my saddlebag & handlebar bag are not in keeping with the leather briefcases & expensive handbags he usually associates with 1st class passengers.

Once seated I made sure to get my money’s worth of the complimentary green tea every time the trolley came past!

Its a 5 hour journey to Penzance, 3 hours being from Exeter to Penzance! I always thought Exeter was nearly @ Lands End!

Arriving in Penzance, it was a glorious evening but I resisted the temptation 2 head immediately for Lands End & instead drank even more tea with Jane whilst waiting for John to finish being a Pirate- at least that’s what I think he said he was doing.

An early night is called for before setting off on this little ride tomorrow!

Remember tomorrow is just another day.

3 thoughts on “>Tomorrow’s Just Another Day

  1. >Darling,I’m so nervous for you. I feel like a war wife sending her man out to do battle – I have to keep reminding myself this is something you actually WANT to do (sad man that you are)!I’ve been on the sea front in good old Scarborough tonight, praying that it’s not this windy down south! If it is this windy I hope it blows you the first 80 miles, failing that I hope the curry has some benefits!Everyone here wishes you well and is rooting for you.So darling, good luck though you won’t need it, your stubborn determination to succed trumps good luck any day (cue another curry joke). I’m so proud of you, many folk only dream of fulfilling an ambition, you have the courage to take it on. While I’ll not be there in body I will be with you in spirit every pedal of the way. Speed north to me.Remember I love you (but please don’t ask me to rub in the sudocream when we meet again!)Jo xx

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