>Blasphemous Rumours

>Peter dictated this as he is too knackered to do a full blog today…

Depeche Mode sang ‘I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think that Gods got a sick sense of humour’. They were clearly thinking of Dartmoor being part of the Lejog route when they wrote those lyrics!

7800 of climbing and 80 miles done has left me knackered and unable to type a full report tonight. I’ve made it to Wellington in Somerset from Liskeard in Cornwall. I will write a full entry hopefully tomorrow, picking on the events of today.

Those who know me wont believe this ….but….I appear to have lost all interest in food! I have had to force myself to eat anything at all today.

Tom has been to see a North East side win something! Congratulations to Witley Bay!

Thanks to my IT geek for posting this for me.


(note from the editor – i.e. Jo building up her part again!)
When Peter finally left Cornwall and Devon behind and made it into Somerset he sent me a lovely picture of the boundary marker with not such a lovely comment on how pleased he was to be leaving those 2 counties behind. Lets just say the comments weren’t fit for family reading!!!)

3 thoughts on “>Blasphemous Rumours

  1. >Woo Hoo 2 counties down! You are going great guns you really are. There have been times today when I could have happily gotten into my car and come and got you, you sounded so knackered. Wouldn’t it have just been easier to climb Everest rather than cycle the equivalent of it?!I’m starting to worry about what else you are going to ditch from your bags now the sudocream and baby powder have bit the dust! Whatever you do, don’t ditch the maps…I want you back!Enjoy your tea darling (hope your appetite has come back – I must confess I thought I was talking to in imposter earlier when you said you don’t want to eat anything!). Speak soon and hope tomorrows not as ‘lumpy’Love you. xxx

  2. >- “Lets just say the comments weren’t fit for family reading!!!)”I recieve that message as well :P- WHITLEY BAY!! WHITLEY BAY!! WHITLEY BAY 😀 :D- Congratualations Dad =]

  3. >We’re following your endeavours with interest from the office, but also with the smugness that comes from having a comfy seat all day, and a clean change of clothes readily available! Andrew and I were at the Vase Final yesterday, rooting for the Bay – you missed a cracking game! Best of luck for the rest of the journey. Sue

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