>I Have a Dream

>Day 3

Another day over. This day started in Somerset and ended in Wales.

In the pub tonight looking at the menu I was thinking of how to celebrate being in Wales. I thought I could have sheep, but by the time I had eaten, it was too late!

After yesterday’s hell in Devon, I have proof of God’s existence & his sick sense of humour. Today should have been an easier day over the rolling Somerset countryside and up the Wye Valley. Instead God turned the wind around to a North / North Easterly wind; thus I had a very strong head wind all day. At times I struggled to reach 10mph on the flat owing to the wind.
I had a stroke of luck after I stopped for tea at a Cider farm. As I was leaving I got talking to a fellow cyclist who lived locally. I rode with him for 10-12miles. He provided me with some shelter from the wind & then gave me directions to get round Cheddar Gorge instead of over it. Sadly I didn’t get his name, but he was a proficient runner having won the >60s prize @ the London Marathon. He is also doing LEJoG in July with a big group & proper support to carry their bags.

I eventually got within striking distance of the Avonmouth Bridge cycle route, but then got lost, riding through the Gordano Motorway Service Station & riding away from the bridge. Eventually after a couple of extra miles, I found it & got over it.

Next up was to find the Old Severn Bridge. After using an off road cyclepath for about a mile I got back on route. I found the cycle route across the bridge easily enough. It was a hair raising ride, some 2 miles long. Hair raising as the wind was a cross wind making it difficult to ride across the bridge.

I arrived in Wales around 1630 with only 17.5 miles to cover to get to Monmouth. I was shattered by now though, the headwind and climbing had taken their toll. I limped on to Tintern where I discovered a great little cafe in the Old Station which stayed open late so serve me tea & chocolate cake. This got me over the “bonk” and I was able to carry on towards Monmouth.
I arrived in Monmouth, weary & ready for a shower. However, a glance at my computer revealed I had done a new personal best of 94.1 miles.

This was near to my ambition of riding 100 miles in a day. The evening was glorious, so I explored Monmouth which is beautiful. I brought up my century & did it into a headwind & carrying all my luggage.

I (have) had a dream

Day 4 brings more miles through the Welsh border & the arrival of my parents at the end of the day. Day 5-7/8 will be ridden in the company of my father & my mother driving a support vehicle carrying my bag! This should make the riding easier -hopefully.

Day 4 also brings Day 1 of my son’s GCSE Exams, so good luck Tom.
I still say I am not old enough to have a son doing GCSE’s!

Thanks to my IT geek for all her help sorting out the blog for me

Today’s Data
Distance 100miles
Riding Time 7hrs 47mins
Average Speed 12.9 mph
Distance climbed 6030 feet