>Say Hello Wave Goodbye

>Well today means sadly waving goodbye to my parents after breakfast. It will be sad to see them leave after an all to brief time with them.

However, tonight, I will hopefully be saying hello to Jo. I’m only sorry that my progress means she hs to drive north of Glasgow to meet me instead of somwhere near the Scottish border!

There is no truth in the rumour that I have gone so far this week to avoid Jo meeting me near Gretna – honestly.

Whilst reflecting on the first week, can I say thank you to all those who have read this blog, comented on it, sent me texts ot emails of encouragement. Hearing from you all give me a lift and encourages me on. So, thanks for taking the time to follow my progress.

Finally, thanks to Tom, for his sterling work updating me on all the football news and scores.

One thought on “>Say Hello Wave Goodbye

  1. >WEST BROM 0-2 LIVERPOOL (West Brom relegated). Chester have been placed in admin (out of choice), therefore I think what you said about Vaughan & Darlo is true.See I even post things on here =P

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