>Sunday Bloody Sunday

>Day 9 (or not day 9?)

For a change, I will start with today’s data.
0 miles ridden
0 hours taken
average speed 0 mph
Height ascended = the equivalent of 14 stairs (but done in a lift)
From the data, the budding detectives amongst you will deduce that I did not ride today. For the benefit of the religious amongst you, this was to observe the Sabbath day. for the rest of you this was because my leg injury prevented me from riding.
I decided after taking medical advice from Nurse Jo (she still isn’t wearing that uniform though) to give myself a day of rest and hope that Monday will allow me to recommence my ride.
So what to do on a Sunday in the gateway to the Scottish highlands? Well, a full Scottish breakfast, a read of the morning papers and a cuppa seemed a good start to the day.
My chauffeur then took me to the port of Oban for a look round the place, and a short gentle stroll along the sea front. We resisted the temptation to take the ferry to Mull. The scenery on the way to Oban and around Oban was spectacular and a reminder of some of the scenery in New Zealand. Both Jo and I would recommend a visit to the place (actually to both places, Oban and New Zealand). We returned home mid afternoon and after applying a heat patch to my thigh, we lay down to watch TV in bed, which of course led to the inevitable…..No, not that you dirty minded lot, we fell asleep!
We also learned this afternoon that the railway line runs immediately past our hotel room at a level that all the passengers can see into our room. Thankfully as usual the train was a couple of minutes late!
Oban Bay

Jo & I in Oban

An evening meal in this most hospitable hotel and a post on the blog rounds off a frustrating but enjoyable day. I’m grateful Jo was here as being here on my own would have been very difficult to cope with. I feel like a sailor becalmed waiting for the wind to get me on my way. I did toy with calling this post “SAILING” and having the linked song as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW2-_01i48w .
Our Detention Centre
View from the Detention Centre
One thing that made my day and will delight Mr & Mrs Camm to know is that I got my paws on some great buns today. Many thanks for those. They brought me much pleasure.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring some cycling progress

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