>I Don’t Like Mondays

>Not good news to report today.

I have had to postpone the completion of the last 280 miles of this ride. I set off bright and early in the rain from Crianlarich this morning, but within 5 miles the pain from the thigh injury was such that I was unable to continue riding. indeed, even standing up was very painful. I have already spent 36 hours resting the muscle, but today’s riding has made it far worse than it was on Saturday. There is little prospect of my being able to continue to ride and complete the ride this week.

I have therefore decided to postpone the remaining part of this ride until later in the year when I am fit again. I will use my summer holidays to complete the ride.

Just to make things worse, the car Jo was driving would not start and we needed to call out the breakdown service just to get started!

No wonder I feel Bob Geldof was right with his song!

Jo has driven me over Rannock Moor to Fort William, from where I am typing this. The ride over there was throughincredible countryside, but eminently rideable. indeed it was much flatter than much of the terrain I have ridden over.

I have to confess to being disappointed at not being able to finish the ride this week. This is even more so when I think about the nature of the injury. if I had suffered knee problems, ankle problems, neck or shoulder injuries it would have been understandable. Getting a thigh strain when cycling is not something I contemplated. apart from my thigh, I feel the fittest I have ever felt and am raing to ride my bike. Mentally and physically (apart from my thigh) I felt very strong this morning. riding in the rain was not an issue, I enjoyed the challenge of taking on mother nature.

Don’t feel sorry for me, feel instead sorry for Jo who has to put up with my whinging for the next 10 days. We are spending the remainder of this week taking it easy in Scotland, in the rain. Jo is having to drive as I cannot use my left leg to operate the clutch on the car. Those who know me, will know that I am the world’s worst passenger. I’m sure Jo will be happier if I fall asleep in the car!

A word of warning to the Scottish highlands – I’ll be back later this year to finish this trip. I finished driving route 66 in america after a delay. I will finish cycling my LEJoG, after a much shorter delay.

The last 3 or 4 days of this ride are only postponed, not abandoned.

Anyone fancy joining me for a few days cycling in the Scottish highlands?

To Be Continued…..

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