>The Boy Does Nothing

>Well its over 2 weeks since my LEJoG was temporarily halted by that pesky muscle injury.

The title of the post is pretty accurate for what I have been up to in the intervening time. After the injury struck, Jo had to drive for the next few days as I couldn’t even drive. Those who know me will realise how bad my injury must have been to make me agree to be a passenger not driver in a car. Its no comment on Jo’s driving, but more on the fact that I am the world’s worst passenger in a car.

We drove up as far as Inverness, but I refused to go to JoG as that is to be achieved on my bike. We drove back via Aviemore and stayed a night there, then 2 nights in Edinburgh, 2 on Tyneside, a visit to Beamish Open Air Museum included. I thoroughly recommend the place, but it is a full day visit.

I got the chance to show Jo the beautiful scenery in Northumberland, including a drive over to Holy Island as the tide was just going out as we got to the Causeway. I also got to see my favourite view in England, the castle at Bamburgh. It is beautiful and I think Jo appreciates now why I keep going on about it so much. Driving from Bamburgh to Tyneside brought back memories of childhood day trips to the coast and also memories of various courts I have visited when I used to work on Tyneside.

We spent a night at my parents house and met up with my sister and her partner there. Sadly as ever my parents temperance views prevailed at dinner ;-). The next day we went to Scarborough to visit Jo’s parents and to see her father on his birthday. I had to suffer the pain of watching on TV Newcastle drop out of the Premier League as well that day. 2 tragic events in one week for me. If I had not planned to do LEJoG, I would have been at Villa Park for the wake. Never mind- Old Trafford, The Emirates and Anfield are no match for trips to Scunthorpe, Plymouth and Bristol City.

A comment on the weather in Scotland- it rained, and when it was not raining, it was wet and foggy.

The rest of the last week was spent in Nottingham doing very little, apart from on Friday when I ventured onto my bike for a gentle 20 miles round the water sport centre in Nottingham. It is flat and therefore was no strain on my leg.

Monday brought a return to work, and a cycle commute- back on my fixed wheel bike. Its like what I imagine being reunited with a former lover again feels like! I did 30 miles yesterday, but did not commute home as I was staying in London the night. I did another 22 tonight on the way home and all appears well with the muscle so far.

The countdown to my return to Crianlarich is on! Only 250 miles left to ride on LEJoG

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