>Scarborough Fair

>Well its now only 9 days till I set off again to do battle with Scotland. since I returned from Crianlarich, I have not ridden more than 40 miles in a day, but have averaged about 30 miles each week days.

This weekend, I have made important preparations for the trip. I attended the Cyclist Touring Club’s annual York Rally and made my annual shopping for cycle kit and accessories, numerous inner tubes, new shoes, bib tights, patches,etc etc. Then it was on to Scarborough for the night. Trips to the seaside are always memorable. This was no exception. Ice cream on the seafront, good food, good company. More importantly, I received some birthday presents even though my birthday was days ago!

Back to Nottingham today, and its the train to London tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I will get a few miles in this week and at the weekend. Then its time to sort out final preparations before the sleeper train on Tuesday night to Crianlarich. I have had some interesting adventures on the train in the past and some incidents I’ll not repeat on a family website, but I have never slept in a bed on a train.

I have not yet sorted out my route. I have made a number of amendments in my mind to the route, extending it by about 15-20 miles to avoid a nasty hill at the end of one day.

I should have a few people to cheer me on as not only are my parents going to be there, but Jo has taken a couple of days off work and is driving all the way to JoG to be there when I finish, and then drive me back to Nottingham before I head off to London.

This last week has been a busy one for me, with my mother, sister, brother and my son Tom visiting me on Monday & Tuesday and then I travelled to York & Scarborough. I even fitted in a visit to the Doctor and to the hospital. Far more importantly though, the football fixture lists came out this week, so I can start plotting my weekends till May.

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