>FFF Frustration

>The title sums up the time since I last posted.

I went to the Doctor’s on Thursday to see about my knee and was signed off work for 2 weeks. Yes, another 2 weeks.

Fortunately for my sanity, I have work at home I can be doing. I need it to take my mind away from daytime TV. I mean there is only so much Jeremy Kyle anyone can watch- about 0.5 nanoseconds is I think the legal limit. I think being water boarded by the CIA would be preferable to watching daytime TV.

My knee has apparently suffered damage to the medial ligaments as a result of the accident a month ago today. This is the longest I have been unable to cycle or work since starting to cycle again some 9 years ago. Ironically, cycling hurts my knee less than walking does, but still causes a considerable amount of pain. Even walking to the newsagents at the end of the road is painful.I can however drive my car ok.

Why have I been signed off work? Mainly because of the problems getting to / from work. I can’t walk to/ from train station or use the stairs without hurting my knee. I can’t cycle to work for similar reasons and it is not reasonably practicable to drive to/ from work as I work in Westminster. Therefore I am stuck at home at present.

It is even more frustrating as I am due to be meeting a number of old friends this coming week for drinks or next week. They will have to be given a miss. Even if I could get to the pubs,a night in town standing drinking etc will do it no good.

What have I done then I hear you ask? Well, I’ve watched loads of rubbish on the TV. I’ve planned my cycling around the world trip in minute detail, well everything except how to fund it. Anyone fancy donating say a years salary plus to cover my lost wages and the expenses of such a trip. Who said that you’ll have a whip round if I promise not to return?

So, I’ve no cycling to write about at present. What can I write about? Well I could go on about Newcastle United being top of the Championship (the oldest league in the world) and being 4 points ahead of the 2nd placed side and 10 points ahead of 3rd and 13 points ahead of the side outside the play off places. I could boast and say its nice to see one North East side doing well, but that would be unfair on all the Sunderland and Middlesbrough fans I know- as I know very few, its ok, i will boast about it. Assuming my leg is ok, Tom and I are off to Barnsley next Saturday to see Newcastle. It’ll be the suited and booted look though as we are in the executive boxes. (Thanks Sue & John!). We are also staying there for the night (Thanks again Sue & John),so I’m hoping we can avoid a defeat as I don’t fancy a night of having the mickey taken out of me.

What else is there to say, other than I want to ride my bicycle.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who has donated so far. It is much appreciated.



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