>Don’t look Back In Anger

>Well since I last posted on here, the number of inches cycled is 0

I’m still off work and still unable to ride my bike.

Walking even to the corner shop is painful. I need to give my leg complete rest and that is difficult when you live alone.

I have now been off work a total of just over 3 weeks. My sick note expired today, so I went to the doctors to see about that and to see if the MRI scan results had been received yet. I had an MRI scan last Thursday at 0720 in the morning up in Waterloo. That was fun to get to- It did my leg no good walking/ travelling on the tube etc.

The doctor told me they had not got the MRI scan results but that she thought I probably had a tear in my ligament in my knee. She signed me off work for another four weeks and told me if I had a tear, then it would require an operation. Great news eh.

So I left the doctor’s surgery this morning feeling rather sorry for myself. After getting my latest prescription and going home to rest. I’m left thinking what can I do for four weeks. I’m limited as to the movement I can make, so its surf the net, read watch TV or play computer games. The latter option is out as I haven’t got any to play.

When the post arrived, containing loads of Christmas cards addressed to me and my ex, it did little to cheer me up. Then I saw a letter from the doctor’s surgery asking me to contact them to make an appointment to discuss my MRI scan! Yes they had the results this morning but had not passed them onto the doctor I saw. Grrrr. So I’m back at the doctor’s next Monday afternoon to get those results and find out what the prognosis is.

Not much else to report at present other than to say thanks to a number of friends this week who have been there to raise my spirits – sitting in this house all day unable to do much is not good for the mind. You’re all stars and I can’t thank you enough.

I am going to use the time I’ve got off work to take stock of my situation. I have a number of ideas of things I would like to do with my life, and need to discuss them with family and friends to see if they are viable options. I think its time me and my bike went travelling. Not just to do the Police Unity Tour, but much more than that. I think its time to see some of the world.

Now those of you who click on the title of the thread may wonder what the title song has to do with this post. Well it sums up what I am saying to myself at present. There are many things that I can easily look back in anger at. However, I need to remind myself that it does me no good to look back in anger.

Instead I’m starting to worry if I will be fit enough to do the Police Unity Tour ride in May.


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