>Lonely This Christmas

>Well the title of this thread could mean one of many things.

All though I am with my family this Christmas, I am not with other loved ones- human or two wheeled!

I suspect none of them will read this blog today – I know for definite the two wheeled ones won’t read it ever. They must feel abandoned given I have not ridden a bike in anger for so long now.

Hopefully all those who matter to me will be present in my life through out 2010. A year that has so much potential. I have to make some very important choices shortly and decide whether to move out of my comfort zone.

I know that a lot of this sounds very cryptic, but until I speak to various people, I cannot really say too much. Hopefully though, the next 12 months will bring lots of new adventures.

Happy Christmas one and all.

PS Santa, if its not too late, can you bring me a cure for my knee injury ASAP.