>Well its been nearly 2 weeks since my last post. What has happened in that time?

Well we’ve had Christmas. I spent that at my parent’s house (again). I seem to fall into that generation that keep going back to mummy & daddy. I only do it to keep my mother happy. She is only happy when she has her brood around to fuss over. So now you understand, I’m totally unselfish and only go home to keep my mother happy. I don’t go home for the free food, drink, cooking, ironing etc.

I headed up on Wednesday and had a long and enjoyable ride back home. Its amazing the memories that come back of past events as you head back to your old stomping ground!

I managed to see my son for a bit before he went back south to his mother’s for Christmas. Shame Tom left his mother’s Christmas card in Durham and then forget it again this weekend. Never mind Tom, you’ve got it early for next Christmas.

As my mother would only be able to cope with so much excitement, I left to head back down south on Boxing Day morning. I spent the time between Christmas and New Year trying to rest my knee, but the chance to spend time with friends meant it did not get as much rest as it should.

A relatively quite New Year’s Eve was determined by the injured knee. It wouldn’t have been too good to have been dancing on tables ALL night long.

New Year’s Day brought a chance to go home and spend a quiet evening in with Tom and I spent all day Saturday with him as well. Quality bonding time, or a chance to get him to look after me and run around at my instructions? You decide.

Saturday also brought a 2nd chance this week to see my mate John & his family. Its a bloody long way to meet up now they live in Penzance. Still it was good to see them all and catch up on happenings in their lives. The only worrying thing is his little daughter remembers me as the man who gave her sweeties…..

Now, its back to the harsh reality of life after the holidays, so I am not back at work and instead am spending the day trying to catch up on paperwork and pay off my debts.

The knee is getting worse, but I think that may just be too much exertion over the last few days causing it. I’m still waiting to get a date to see a consultant. The NHS doesn’t seem to use technology very well. In theory, I should have been able to book an appointment immediately, but in reality, my GP writes to consultant, who writes back to me with appointment date… Snail mail as well. They don’t seem to like this new fangled email thingy.

As I type this, its a beautiful winter’s day outside, bright sunshine, no wind etc. Perfect riding conditions? Grrrrrrr…….. That motorist who knocked me off is getting me more angry by the day. Still at least this absence from work will boost the compensation claim. Small comfort for the pain and being stuck at home.

I have decided to use my time positively however. I decided to pay off all my outstanding bills, but the Internet banking website I use is down today! Great eh?

If I had Sky TV, I’d spend the days watching England in South Africa in the cricket, but I don’t have it….

Positives about the accident-
1. the whiplash is still not healed yet, so I have an excuse to get the dry cleaners to do all my ironing.

2. I am an expert in relationships now after watching so much Jeremy Kyle

3. I’m fluent in Cbeebies and CITV

4. Erm…..Well actually, there is another one and that is that I am going to use the time to do some personal studying. I am intending to study for the New York State Bar Exams. Why am I going to do this?… A bit like the reason I chose to cycle LEJoG last year (see http://www.aminearlythere.blogspot.com ) – simply because its a challenge. Its a 6 month course, and if I pass it I will be qualified as a US Attorney! Mad -I must be?

Right, time to go and see if I can pay my online debts and then register for the US Bar course.

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