>Reasons to be Cheerful

>Just a brief post today (well really its about what happened on Tuesday), but things seem to be looking up slightly.

Firstly, thanks to my parents for offering to fund me to go privately for any operation on my knee if it will speed up the operation. Thanks – its much appreciated

Secondly, I spoke to the lawyer dealing with my claim and she confirmed that I could recover the cost of any operation from the other side, assuming liability can be proved. She also confirmed that I could recover the cost of private care – eg someone travelling to look after me after any operation, and for their time in attending to me.

Thirdly, I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow with a view to arranging to see a consultant on a private basis to speed up the process

Fourthly, I sent off the application form for the New York State Bar exams today, so that is something to look forward to with excitement and trepidation

On a very different note, my medical issues were put into perspective when last night I was informed that the daughter of friends of mine died suddenly in her sleep on Christmas night. Suddenly my problems seem insignificant.

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