>I Could Be Happy

>Why could I be happy?

Well another day and another short ride on my bike. My knee feels less painful today than yesterday, albeit still hurting. I’m hoping to ride further tomorrow. I want to try to do 10 miles tomorrow in the morning.

I have a physiotherapist appointment in the afternoon on Thursday and a hopeful that he will say to continue riding.

The above is the good happening.

Less good is the fact my car appears to have a fault with the fuel pump and is going to need repairing ASAP. I was going to book the car into the garage for repairs, but I have somehow mislaid my wallet. I last saw it on Monday. All my bank cards, driving licence, store cards etc are in their. Without my wallet, I am struggling to get access to my money. I cancelled one of the cards today, but have been waiting to hear from someone if my wallet was at their house. I didn’t want to cancel all the cards if the wallet was there. When they called tonight they confirmed my wallet wasn’t there.

I was left to start planning how to get access to my cash without cards etc, meaning I’d have to go to the bank and get cash over the counter. Ethical banking is fine, but it does have the drawback of not having a bank anywhere nearby.

I’ve turned the house and car upside down looking for the wallet. I’ve even been through the rubbish bags just in case…. No joy.

Finally about an hour ago, I found the wallet. It was under the telephone in my study. Quite why it was there I have no idea. At least I’m not left without easy access to funds. To say I was relieved is an under statement.

I just have to book my car in for repairs now. I’m not looking forward to the cost of that.

Thursday night brings with it the joys of the LVYCC committee meeting. I’m chairing the meeting at which we are supposed to be discussing the future constitution of the committee and the club as a whole. Nice light subject matters. Quite how I’m going to get there with my car in the state its in, I’m not sure.

Does this post explain the song in the title? Probably not, but I wanted an excuse to watch the Clare Grogan video that is linked to the title. Yes, I’ll admit to still thinking she’s hot. I know I know, I’m a sad individual.

Now how about making a donation to my sponsorship target.


>Its a positive post today


Well Newcastle avoided losing in their top of the table clash with West Brom on Monday night to remain top of the Championship.

Tuesday night Leyton Orient won against Yeovil to take them out of the relegation places in League One. It was a deserved win and the first game they have played this year.

Thirdly and most importantly, I was able to ride my bike for the first time since November. Following my physio’s advice, I rode it gently and did a 5.5 mile loop from my house. Its nothing special, a very flat route on relatively quiet roads. I rode it in a very low gear so as not to put undue pressure on my knee.

I have to say that the knee is now throbbing somewhat. I hope that is caused by the sitting with my leg bent rather than the cycling. I’m hoping to ride again tomorrow. I’m going to do the same little ride again, very gently again. I am due to see the physio on Thursday, so we can review how my knee is then.

Hopefully this is the start of my recovery. I want to get back to work. I’m struggling not to lose focus being at home all the time. There is only so much surfing the net and resting that one can do.

I am starting to look towards the Police Unity Tour with a little more hope. Then there is the prospect of a LEJoG to look forward to in the summer. That will be good to do it with friends.