>The Sun Always Shines on TV

>Since my last post, I have had another session of physiotherapy and it has again helped my knee. I am now walking a lot easier and intending to get on my bike this coming week and try to build up my fitness. I am hoping to get back to work a week on Monday (2nd February) assuming the knee continues to recover and the medical advice is favourable.

I have to say that the knee is not fully right, and I don’t expect it to be by next week, but it has healed enough to let me start thinking about getting back to work. I think the tear in the cartilage was not the main problem with my knee. I repeatedly complained about pain above the knee, not from the cartilage area. The physiotherapist thinks that I suffered 2 injuries not one, and I agree with that.

If I had not paid to see the consultant privately, I would still be waiting for an appointment with him, and would probably be at least a month away from having physiotherapy, and consequently be at least another month away from being able to get on my bike or to consider going back to work. So much for the NHS providing treatement to everyone according to their needs.

I gave my leg a good workout yesterday when I went to see Newcastle lose in the FA Cup to the referee (oh, I think there was a team called West Bromwich Albion (WBA) there as well, but they only had a supporting role to play). He managed to give 1 goal where the ball was not over the line, 2 very dubious penalties, sent off a Newcastle player (wrongly) and booked five others, whilst not giving anything to us or booking any WBA players. Even the papers today were slating the referee, so its not just my biased view. Didn’t want to go to Wembley this year did we? Still the good news is that we are playing at Swansea on Valentine’s weekend. I guess that females around the Tyneside will be rather upset as it seems to be a game everyone is planning to go to.

Even the West Brom Fans Failed to Turn Up

Let me start by giving my apologies to a certain lady now about that weekend. I told her the news yesterday when I got back from Birmingham about Valentine’s weekend. I suppose that when she said “You love Newcastle more than me”, it was rather tactless of me to reply “I love Sunderland more than you”. I can tell you plates hurt when they hit you- especially with your dinner on them. A lesson learned.

To bring the thread back to cycling matters, I’m relying on the weather being ok this coming week so I can get some miles in. I need to be back to doing 25 miles a day before next Monday so I can commute to work again. Its a case of hoping that its not just on TV that the sun always shines.

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