>Back on the Chain Gang

>And lo, it came to pass that on the first day the Lord said “Get on your bike”.

Yes, at long last I’m back on the bike and back at work from Monday 1st January. I never thought that I would say this, but… “its great to be back at work.”

After last weeks couple of rides, today was D Day – or should that be W for Work day. I was up early this morning and cycled the 13 miles to my work. I took it very gently and slowly, partly because it was very icy and partly to prevent undue strain on my knee.

The journey in was uneventful, both in terms of traffic interaction and in terms of the effect on my knee. however, when I got to work for my shower, I discovered I had left my shirt, pants and socks at home. Whoops!!!!! I did have a clean shirt and pants at my work, but no socks. I had to spend today with my white cycling socks on under my suit. I would say it was a fashion faux pas, but someone close to me said that it was about my normal standard of fashion sense.

Well as it was 2 months since I was last at work, what did I find, but only 487 emails waiting for me. Add to that the 20+ emails I received today meaning I had over 500 emails to deal with today. I’m so super efficient that I dealt with them all in one day. Who says I’m not efficient? What’s that everyone says I’m not efficient?

So, how did I manage to deal with so many emails in one day? Thankfully Mr Gates introduced a delete function to his Outlook software. I grouped the emails by sender and was able to efficiently delete lots of junk/ irrelevant emails in one go. Clearly I had to respond to the poor widow from Nigeria who was left penniless despite her late husband having a fortune of £800,000,000 which she needed my help to get out of Nigeria.

I safely arrived home tonight and was pleasantly surprised to find my knee was not too painful. I am confident now, that baring any other injury or accident, i will be able to take part in the Police Unity Tour ride in May.

As part of the preparation for this ride, I have curtailed my weekend in Plymouth in April for the Newcastle game. I am now coming back on the Saturday night so I can take part in the 107km Whitham Wander cycle ride the following day. See the dedication to this ride. I am missing out on a night out in Union Street in Plymouth to take part in a training ride.

I also booked train tickets today to see Newcastle play down at Swansea on February 13th. My son tells me I have a lot to learn from him. He chose not to go to the game so he can spend the weekend with his girlfriend as its Valentine’s weekend. Me? I could have gone down to the game on the 13th Feb and as its a lunchtime kick off, could have been back in London by 7pm. Did I do this? Of course I didn’t, I’m staying in Wales the weekend. Whoops!!!!!!! At least I won’t get to hear the immortal line “You love Newcastle more than me”. Well I might, but I’ll ignore it as usual.

I’ve often wondered why I’m no longer married. Its a puzzle that one. Oh, did I mention I was at football on each of the last 2 weekends, am going this weekend as well, then 13th Feb, 20th Feb, 27th Feb, a weekend away at football on 5/6/7 March. A trip away on 20th March, Easter is a football match, as is 2 weeks later, then 2 weeks after that it is the last weekend of the season and a weekend on the drink with the lads… Any ideas why I’m not married?

Actually, when my marriage ended, the wife walked out saying I loved football more than her. I thought it was sad as I’d been with her for 15 seasons…..

About spen666

I'm a 50 something football fan and occasional cyclist. I've been a football fanatic most of my life and have completed the 92 football league & premier league grounds previously. I have 1 left to rejoin the 92 club. Added to this numerous non league grounds, a number abroad and you start to get the picture. I took up cycling in around 2000. Although my father was a former World Vets Champion, I got into cycling accompanying my son to ride in London. This was followed by my commuting to work each day into Central London. Then doing some Sunday rides, then some audax events (www.audax.uk.net) and then a week's cycling holiday in France with a friend. From there, I got more and more into cycling and in 2009 completed LEJoG and in 2010 rode in the USA with the Police Unity Tour. I completed blogs for those events at www.aminearlythere.blogspot.com and www.bothesidesofthepond.blogspot.com Feel free to read them and learn more about me. I now am one of the organising committee for the UK Police Unity Tour (www.ukpoliceunitytour.org ) I live alone which suits me as it gives me time at weekends to pursue my interests of cycling and football. (Well what did you expect me to say? That I'm sad at being single?) I'm currently looking for my next challenge. Any suggestions gratefully received.
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