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>Well, its a while since my last post. Its been a busy few days.
On Saturday 27th Feb, I managed to show my face at the cycling club in the morning, attend the Orient Swindon game in the afternoon and then meet Michelle on Saturday evening to go to see 12th Night by the RSC in Central London. I have to say it was fantastic- thanks for taking me Michelle. When Can we go again?

Sunday brought a much more leisurely day. A chance to chill and enjoy good company – and a day off the bike! In fact, I didn’t ride my bike on Monday or Tuesday either! Not a good week for mileage.

I only rode on Wednesday and Thursday, but it was good to get some miles in at a decent pace. Wednesday however brought an incident when I was yards from home. The council are fitting speed humps in the streets round where I live. Their contractors managed to dig 2 channels, some 12-18inches wide and 1 inch deep across the whole width of the road.Then then went home for the night, leaving the holes they had created unmarked and lethal to cyclists and bike wheels. The council and the contractors will be getting the bill for my new front wheel! The roads are bad enough with potholes after the winter weather without the council creating more!

At the end of the week, I took the decision not to sit the New York Bar Exams this summer. I was supposed to receive the course material in January for exams in July. The material has still not been supplied and I will simply not have the time to study for this properly between now and July. I will look to do this again next year when hopefully I will have more time to devote to studying.

Friday brought me travelling up to the North East for the weekend. It was a time to catch up with old friends and revisit memories from the past. Thanks must go to those who fed and accommodated me on Friday – Michelle and Richard. The curry was great Michelle – I’ll be back for more. Also thanks to Kev for putting me up on Saturday.

I went to my first home Newcastle match on a Saturday for 10 years when they beat Barnsley 6-1. I spent the hours before the match and immediately afterwards with friend from Barnsley. Shame the hospitality I could offer them is not so generous as that which they offer me whenever I go to Barnsley. Its ironic that the course of the game was changed by the referee- especially the only referee I rate alongside a certain resident of Barnsley for controversial refereeing decisions.At least Barnsley’s finest is a real gentleman and a pleasure to chat with – as long as he isn’t still trying to convince me he was right those 27 years ago!

Sunday brought me playing the dutiful son and popping in to see mummy & daddy for Sunday lunch. I hope they noticed that I:
a) never brought and washing to be done and
b) never raided the food cupboards to stock up my house.

I then had the long drive back to London, made worse by the seemingly constant roadworks and speed limits all the way from Durham to London. Those yellow boxes on posts seem to flash a lot as my car passed them – are they meant to do that?

Right, what does the next week hold in store…..?Well hopefully I might be able to finalise details of a little spring break. Watch the next post for details if the trip comes off – I just hope you like Barry Manilow

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