>Little Britain

>Just a quickie today (as the actress said to the bishop)

As I’m typing this, I’m watching “The Million Pound Bike Ride” about Fearne Cotton, Miranda Hart, Russell Howard, Patrick Kielty, Davina McCall, Jimmy Carr and David Walliams cycling John o Groats to Lands End to raise funds for Sport Relief. Good on them for raising money for charity BUT if they don’t stop bleating about how hard it is, I’m going to throw the laptop through the TV.

I mean, they are only riding about 26 miles a day each in a relay. They are not carrying their own luggage, they have got a luxury bus and outriders etc following them. Its not hard to ride 26 miles a day. I do at least 25 miles a day and then do a full days work (or am at work) on top of this. I also carry all my kit for work, change of clothing etc. On Monday, I did 30 miles before work, and 30 miles after work.

Starting off on my SOLO LEJoG

These bloody celebrities don’t know what a hard day’s cycling is. Gethin Butler did LEJoG solo in 48 hours, non stop. These lot took 82 hours riding in a relay of six riders.

Am I unfair on them? I think not. They raised a huge amount of money and deserve credit for that. However, its not hard to do 30 miles a day. Its not as hard as they make out. They also have someone pacing them as they ride. A luxury I only had for 3 days when my father joined me. His pace making included taking a detour from my planned route to find the toughest hill on the whole ride.

With my Father at Carnforth – A Brief Encounter

John o Groats- A Personal Challenge Achieved

Well I’ve managed another 2 days leisurely commuting, but carrying a considerable extra weight. My mother, brother and sister have been down in London the last two days, so I have met them in Central London for tea each night. This has necessitated me locking my bike up in the street, so I had to take 3 heavy duty locks to secure my bike. This is on top of my usual clothing, tools etc. It was good to see them. They have gone off to a show tonight (Sister Act). They never invited me- but that’s probably because “It’s only Peter”; isn’t that right Jacqui?

I’ve now only got 44 days to go before my flight to the USA. Its scary how little time there is left.

BTW Greg, if you are reading this, you need to get some miles in if we are to do LEJoG this summer. Time is running out for you to get your training in.

finally to show, i’m not just a grumpy git, here is the link to the sport relief website but instead of donoting to those wimps, go to and donate to my sponsored bike ride.

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