>Money Money Money

>Well, its getting closer to the date I’m due to travel to the USA.

The theme of the last few days is money, money money.

I’ve had a few more donations via the website or in person (and paid them into the fund myself). More donations would be appreciated though. So if you haven’t given or know anyone who may be able to make a donation, then please help out.

At the end of the ride, I will have about 1 – 1/2 days in Washington DC and need a hotel for the night. I’ve been trying to price a cheap hotel there. I think I’d have more chance of finding a generous Scotsman. The cheapest I’ve come across so far is £109 per night and that’s 26 miles out of town near the airport. Thanks for finding that Michelle! I’ve got to do some digging to find something a bit cheaper. £109 is a lot for a bed for one night. Perhaps I’ll ask Barack if he’s got a spare bed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Anyone know of a cheap place to stay in Washington?

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