>The Things We Do For Love

>Another week over, now only 37 days till I set off for the USA. Its getting scary how close the ride is and how little riding I’m doing. Am I going to be fit enough? I’m not to worried about that, but am more worried about my knee as that seems to be hurting a little the last couple of days. I’m not going to let that stop me if I can do anything about it. I’ve got my anti-inflamatories to take with me if I need them.

Thursday at work saw the end of an era. My line manager retired and had a leaving do last night. There was a very touching and heart felt thank you speech from the Attorney General (see the circles I mix in?). There were also some of the senior members of the CPS and a number of past and present members of HMCPSI staff. It was good to catch up albeit briefly with former colleagues and current colleagues from our York office.

I’ve still not got a lot of work on at present and indeed have been doing work for inspections I’m not involved with just for something to do. At least it helps others out. That will all change soon though as I’m due to start the preparatory work for a forthcoming inspection- about time.

Today I spent several hours trying to find a birthday present. I know what I wanted, but it took 8 shops before I found one who had the item in stock! About 4 – 5 hours and numerous miles driven to find the item. It did mean that I missed Critical Mass tonight as I was too late to go there after getting the present. The things we do for love ( or to keep the peace – you choose).

The next few days will be different but busy. Tomorrow, I’m at the cycling club in the morning http://www.lvycc.co.uk and then off to Crawley till Sunday night. Then Monday and Tuesday during the day I’m on a computer course – learning how to use Access databases. Monday night brings a trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Specials- can’t wait for it. Then on Tuesday night, I’m winging it over to Crawley as its Michelle’s birthday.

Wednesday brings a normal-ish day, although I will be travelling via Crawley to work. Thursday is of course Maundy Thursday and a 1/2 day leave for us civil servants.

Easter Saturday – with a lot of luch could be a huge party in Peterborough, but its unlikely to be that day unless the Gods smile on us.

Finally, to end on a sad note. I should have been in Bermuda now instead of typing this, but the BA strike put paid to that prospect – for now!

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