>Its The End of The World As We Know it

>Well, that title may be a bit of an overstatement, but the big boss left his post today as HM Chief Inspector. He was the person who set up the Inspectorate and when it becsame independent of the CPS 10 years ago, he was the first Chief Inspector and it has been his baby since then. With my line manager (one of 2 Deputy Chief Inspectors), having retired last week, it really is the end of an era at HMCPSI. at work.

We had a farewell drink tonight for the Chief Inspector. It is always nice to have a few minutes away from work to socialise with colleagues. It was low key as requested by the leaver.

The new Chief Inspector will not be at the office until 12th April, so wse will have to wait to see how things change. A potentially exciting time ahead, but almost certainly one that will involve lots of change. Will it be for good or bad – only time will tell.

Well, I was in Crawley last night, so only a one way bike ride today. The bloody weather-British Summer time? Somebody better tell the weather machine about that- its freezing, windy & wet.

From the start of next week, I am going to extend my commuting – weather permitting to get some more miles in towards the trip to the US. Its only just over 4 weeks til I go. EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK – Scary isn’t it