>Europe – The Final Countdown

>Well, its been back to work this week. 😦

It is however, an excuse to ride my bike 🙂

I have managed to slightly increase my mileage.

Tuesday was a glorious day, so I did 15 miles on the way to work and 18.2 on the way home, making a total of 33.2 miles for the day. I managed a lap of Hyde Park which is 3 miles. It is glorious to ride down the side of Green Park, past Buckingham Palace, up Constitution Hill, under the Wellington Arch and into Hyde Park, a lap there and back down Constitution Hill and up the Mall to Admiralty Arch then along the Embankment and past the London Eye and then the Tower of London. Its a beautiful ride in Central London.

I decided to be more organised this week, so had set the oven to have my tea cooked for when I was due home. So when I got home, I expected to find the welcoming aroma of a roast dinner. Did I find it? Of course not, muggings here had set the oven timer, put the roast in the oven, but forgot to turn the oven on.

Wednesday was not such a pleasant day, and it rained as well, so I only cycled 30 miles today. No lap of Hyde Park. The good news is my roast was ready tonight when I got in. I managed to set the oven properly. Eat your heart our Delia.

Being organised, after tea, I’ve been out shopping and bought a new storage unit for the hall way to store my cycling kit when I get back from a ride. I even managed to construct the thing without too much bloodshed or too much foul and abusive language. The emphasis being on the words too much. I’ve even replaced all the light bulbs that have blown in the house.

After all that hard work, it was time to sit down and watch a good comedy on the TV. The sign of a good comedy is in the timing and this man had perfect timing tonight.

So last year it was 3 British sides in the semi-finals of the Chasmpions Leagyue. This year after Arsenal last night and Man U tonight, its down to none.

Looks like it may be left to Fulham to fly the flag in Europe for England this season if they win/draw and Liverpool lose/draw tomorrow.

This is the trophy you are not going to win this year Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea or any other English side

Back to cycling matters. My knee is still causing me pain to walk on, but it is easing off a bit. Its not helped by the lifts at work not working and being based on 3rd floor but kettle etc are in the basement. Can I sue work for the pain and suffering this is causing me? LOL

I spoke to Tiffany tonight, she is the wife of my friend I will be seeing in the USA. I can’t believe its 18 years since I saw them on that side of the pond. Its been far too long. however, the last trip to see them has cost me a fortune, hasn’t it Tom?

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