>Winner Takes it All

>Well, its getting nearer and nearer to my trip to the USA. In fact its about 19 days till I leave. What have I done in preparation? Well, I’ve done one day of 60 miles, a few of 30 miles and that’s about it. Not as much as I should have, but……

This Sunday, April the 18th, I’m doing the Whitham Wander Audax cycle event. It is a 106km ride through the Essex Alps. I did this about 4 years ago and I can confirm it isn’t the flattest ride. This will be the last big ride before I go to the USA and the first time I ride the bike I am taking to the USA. I am looking forward to it, well the free cakes at the end at least.

I have been cycling 30+miles each commute now, adding on a little loop round St James Park and up the Mall. Quite a picturesque loop. However, I didn’t cycle home on Friday as I ended up in the pub for a quick drink. That ended up with me falling asleep on the train home, missing my stop and having to get a taxi home. I’d love to say this was the first time this have ever happened to me, but too many of you know me.

On Monday, a new era began at work with the start of a new Chief Inspector, the big boss. Although there were only about 15 or less staff members in, the new boss was not seen by any of us. I hope this is not the way things are to be.

The good thing yesterday was my fastest ever commute, both ways. My ride into work was faster than I have even managed on a quiet Sunday morning. So I might not be getting enough miles in, but am doing threm quickly. Even Tom managed to get out on his bike on Monday up in Durham with my father. Well done Tom, its not too late for you to enter the Whitham Wander….

No cycling today as I am heading over to Reading tonight to see Newcastle play. A Win tonight will all but guarantee the Championship title. A win would put Newcastle 9 points clear of the 2nd place side with only 9 points left to be played for. So, here’s hoping…..

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