>Everybody’s Talking

>Well, today was eventful. I woke up this morning to a text from Michelle telling me her flight tonight back from Manchester to London had been cancelled. Seemed strange that she knew this at 0700 when her flight was not for another 12 hours. I suggested she got the train instead.
Then I put the TV on to hear that most flights in the UK had been cancelled owing to a volcano erupting in Iceland. Amazing that when I went to bed there was no suggestion of any problem yet by breakfast time all airspace in Scotland and Northern England had been closed. As I type this UK airspace is closed to all non emergency flights until at least 0700 on Friday!

Now as today is the day of the first ever TV debate between the leaders of all 3 UK parties, the air traffic story brought to my mind a statement by Harold Wilson to the effect of “Have you ever noticed how England only win the (football) World Cup under a labour government.” It could be said that air traffic space in the UK is only ever closed under a labour government – thinking of 11th September 2001 and now 15th April 2010.

Now as I said, it was the first of the 3 TV debates tonight. So, I settled down excitedly to watch this 90 minutes of political jousting and fighting. Expecting sharp replies, great political skill and lots of scoring of political points. Instead, I rapidly realised it was like watching S*nderland, no skill, no scoring and generally about as interesting as watching paint dry. Can’t wait for the next one- it will motivate me to clean the toilet.

I managed another 30+ mile commute today. Livened by the complete psychopathic Toyota driver I met near St James Park after him trying to tell me that apparently I should stop for pedestrians waiting to cross the road, he tried to stop me cycling off, when I turned round and road the other way he reversed up the road, tried to drive his car into St James Park and then tried to drive round the roads around the park to stop me leaving the other side. He’s a bit dozy as I simply turned round again and rode the other way whilst he was trying to turn round again. Pillock doesn’t realise I can take my bike where he can’t move his car. Still, it livened up the commute for me. Wonder if he will be around tomorrow? I might not be getting the miles in that I should be, but I am certainly getting them in quickly. today was my second fastest ever commute to work today. Not bad considering it was in rush hour traffic.

I still have not met my new boss, he’s only been in the building everyday this week and has still to meet his staff. Given we are a small organisation with about 20-25 people in this office, I have to say I am surprised not to have met him yet. It doesn’t do a lot to make one feel valued when a new boss doesn’t seem to want to meet his staff. I’m sure he has his reasons……

I started typing this post on 15th April which is a date that no true football fan will forget as on this date in 1989 the Hillsborough Disaster happened and 96 Liverpool Fans were killed at the FA Cup Semi Final. They were doing what so many of us do- supporting their team. It was a tragic accident for which those responsible have never been brought to justice.
Justice for the 96

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