>Waiting for the Day

>This seems to be the theme of things at the moment.

Waiting to see or even hear from my new boss at work. I find it incredible that since he formally took up the post on 1st April, there has been no communication from him to the staff under him. To be fair, he did not actually start in the office until 12th April owing to leave etc. However after a week in the post, you would have expected to have at least received an email sent on his behalf. Still, perhaps its unreasonable of me to expect the boss to communicate with the staff he is responsible for. Perhaps we are all mushrooms…..

Waiting for something exciting to happen in the General Election campaign. Its a snoozeathon until May 6th, when I happen to be out of the country and will miss the excitement of the swingometer etc in the post election night vote counting and analysis. Being a true democrat of course, I have registered for a postal vote and will be doing my duty before I fly to the US of A. It will be interesting to see how they report the election results, if at all. I can’t imagine they will give it as much coverage as we gave their presidential elections.

Waiting for the Championship title to be decided. If Middlesbrough had managed to take a point off West Brom today, Newcastle would have won the title today. Those useless Smoggies managed to lose and stop us winning the title today. Mind you given the way they have played this season, its no surprise. Monday at 8pm on Sky TV it is to watch the Toon play at Plymouth. Sounds like an excuse to go down the pub as I don’t have Sky TV.

Waiting for the volcanic ash to clear so that planes can fly. Its incredible that the whole of Northern Europe’s air traffic can be brought to a stand still indefinitely by a volcano some 800 miles from the UK. Clearly the people of Iceland are somewhat deaf. What we said was give us back the CASH, not the ash. I just hope its all sorted in a fortnight’s tie so I can go to the USA. I don’t care if it re erupts whilst I’m away- an extended holiday in the USA would be nice.

Now as this is a blog about cycling, I suppose I should mention it. Friday brought a bit of a problem for me. As I was setting off home from work, I discovered I had managed to crack the rim on my rear wheel on my winter bike. I rode the 12 miles home on it very slowly, steadily and gingerly. I did get home safely. The wheel will need a new rim. I was going to take it into the bike shop today before going to see Orient play. I was running late owing to helping Michelle buy a new car, so never got to the bike shop. As it happened I’m glad about that as the bike shop is shut as the staff are away on a cycling week. I suspect they will be late getting back owing to that volcanic cloud.

Well, I must get on preparing my touring bike for tomorrow’s audax. I’ve not ridden the bike for at least 6 months, so it needs checking over. Its the bike I did LEJoG on and the one I am taking to the USA. A 65 mile ride tomorrow should give it a good test, and me as well

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