>I Believe I Can Fly

>Well, after the excitement of last night and seeing Newcastle win the Championship and meeting up with an old friend, today has been much more mundane. However, that feel good factor from both the football and meeting an old mate for the first time in about 6 years was still there.

Even better, I actually have some work to do now. Yes taxpayers, I am actually working for my salary now- at long last. Its great to have work to do.

I’ve still not seen the new Chief Inspector. Its day 7 since he arrived and still not so much as an email from him. He has been out of the office so far this week, but is apparently back in the office on Thursday. I am on leave from after Friday week (31st 30th April). I wonder if I will have either seen, spoken to or heard via email from the Chief Inspector by then. Not speaking to or communicating with your staff is an interesting management style, especially when the organisation is so small.

The main news of the day is that at last planes are allowed to fly into and out of the UK. The volcanic ash cloud is apparently moving away so planes are allowed to fly. Good, that means I should be ok to fly on Sunday week to Newark. I have booked the last item i need. I have now hired a car for 6 days in the USA. I have hotels booked in NJ, Pittsbugh and Washington. Car hire in USA, car parking in the UK and flights. Got my ESTA clearance