>The Final Countdown

>Scarily, in 5 days time I should be in a metal tube flying towards to United States of America (volcanoes permitting of course) Its coming round far too fast. I must do some packing after I type this. I need to sort my bike and get it in the bike box – remove the pedals, deflate the tyres, turn the handlebars etc.

At least I have all the paperwork sorted – passport, flight tickets, car hire, hotel bookings etc.

The last few days has seen very little cycling. A broken wheel on one bike, a broken seat post bolt on another bike etc. I took one bike into the bike shop today to get the seat post bolt removed & replaced. As I left the shop a Rolls Royce pulled up and from the rear seats a bike appeared along with the bike owner. The car had the registration AMS1. The bike owner being one Alan Michael Sugar, a keen cyclist of a nearby parish (the posh one). Seems I shop at the same place as millionaires!

Going back in time. I spent most of the weekend  in Crawley, apart from a rapid dash back to the AGM of Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club. As it was our first AGM and I am chairman of the club it was probably appropriate for me to be there!. Saturday night brought a night of beer and curry added with good company. Thanks Michelle, Steve, Theresa and co.

Sunday was a St George’s Day parade in Crawley by the local scouts. Although at a glance one could be mistaken for thinking it was the local BNP Youth Rally, with lots of Union and St George’s flags on display and youths in uniforms. Seriously though, it was good to see so many people out at a service to mark our patron saint’s day. The only disappointment was that they missed out the final  (sixth) verse of the National Anthem.

Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring
May he sedition hush
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the Queen

Can’t see why we don’t sing this verse more often these days.
Onto more mundane matters like work. Its now the 27th April and the boss formally took up his role on 1st April 2010 – some 27 days ago. Its fair to say he was not in office until 12th April owing to leave. However, in the time since 12th April, I have still to either see or hear from him. Not even an email to the staff! Different people have different management styles, but I have never worked for a manager that does not communicate with those under him.
The good news is I now have pledges that will take me over the $1700 sponsorship target. Thanks to all of you who have kindly sponsored me

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