>Viva El Fulham

>Well today I managed to sort out a problem with my bike. I tried to box the bike on Tuesday only to find I couldn’t get the pedals off the bike. Disaster as it means bike won’t fit in the box. Fortunately, a trip to Ciclos Uno ( www.ciclosuno.com ) brought a quick solution. Thanks Euan. It also allowed me to get some new Spd -SL pedals for the bike. These are clip less pedals that are used with special cleats so your shoe fixes onto the pedals IE you clip into clip less pedals!! Go figure

I eventually managed to get the bike and most of my cycling kit boxed up. Just got my clothes and toiletries left to pack. Nearly ready for the off. I don’t fly until Sunday night, but am very busy for the next 3 days. So need to be ready tonight – or nearly ready.

I learned today that I can use MSN to have video conference calls for free. This will allow me to keep in touch whilst in the USA. Its easier than using Skype.

I also had a couple of calls tonight, neither of which was expected. Thanks to those who called. Its nice to hear from people who mean a lot to me.

Now, about the title of this post… I spent a very enjoyable night watching Fulham beat Hamburg in the Europa League Semi-Final. Its an amazing achievement for a side that 15 or so years ago were in bottom division (now called league 2) to have reached the final of a major European tournament.

Well done Fulham – shows all your money can’t buy European success doesn’t it Chelsea. Sadly I will be in Washington when the final is on otherwise I’d be in Hamburg with my Fulham mates.

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