>New York New York

>Come on, what title did you expect for this post?

I’ve just arrived in the USA at Newark Liberty Airport and after an incredibly quick and friendly passport and customs check, I am in my hotel in Newark. Flight over was incredibly empty- only 100 people on the plane. The in flight entertainment consisted of about 15 cr*p films and a series of unfunny comedies. No problems, I’ll listen to my ipod – oh  no I won’t, its not working. So I had to read the newspapers I’d bought oh and sleep. Lots of sleep to catch up on as had a hectic weekend.

Friday, I drove over to Crawley after work. Its always a joy to drive the M25 in rush hour, especially across the Dartford river crossing with its attendant queues for the toll booths. Saturday morning brought a trip back from Crawley, last minute shopping, packing and the grass to cut etc.

Then it was off to see Orient v Wycombe in the afternoon. A poor performance, but Orient won to ensure their survival in League 1, but at the same time relegated Wycombe. Sadly ironic, but the 2nd goal scorer for Orient was an ex Wycombe player.

Saturday night was a night out in Kings Cross and The Angel Islington with old friends and also a night time drinking debut for Tom. For a newcomer he did well and survived ok, although he did have a severe attack of the munchies by the time we got home at silly o’clock.

By the time the Chinese had delivered to my home, and we’d eaten the same, it was late. A six am start on Sunday morning was not what the doctor ordered but was needed to enable us to drive to Heathrow to drop off my luggage and the car before heading back into London to Kings Cross, the Shepherds Bush for a few drinks before the Newcastle game at QPR. Getting into the game was difficult as mine and Tom’s tickets had been cancelled and reissued to someone else!!!!! QPR initially said not their problem, but after a few choice words they gave me 2 new tickets at no cost.

After the game, Tom put me on a tube to Heathrow whilst he went to the pub with my mates. He’s only 16, shouldn’t I be putting him on train whilst I go to the pub?

I had time at Heathrow to speak to those close to me on the phone – it makes me think people are not expecting me back …… Not that I am paranoid or anything.

Right, its gone 0100 here in Newark, or 0600 in UK, so I have been up for 24 hours and am going to bed now

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