>What a Wonderful World

>I went here today

Saw these on sale

Came away with these

What a Wonderful World!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up after about 4 hours sleep and had a good chat with Tom using modern technology. Its fantastic to be able to see and hear the person you are talking to even though they are 4000 miles away and in bed. Also spoke to other friends via face book.

Then after breakfast in the hotel in Newark, it was time to go and collect my hire car. I did try to get the car changed from a 4×4 to a catamaran or submarine. Yes, it was rather wet in New Jersey today. The worst rain I have seen in a long time. There were weather warnings on the TV and roads closed by flooding.

My hire car, a small 4×4 turned out to be a 4×4 the size of Rutlandshire. A Jeep Laredo that is huge. It does nearly 19 miles to the gallon – if you drive carefully! It is a luxury vehicle, air con, cruise control, satellite radio, electric everything etc. It is a rather nice vehicle, if rather huge.

A slow start to the day caused by accidents in the rain outside Newark. I stopped at lunchtime somewhere – when I stopped, I hadn’t a clue where it was apart from on the I78 road. A bit of web surfing in McDonald’s thanks to their free wifi identified I was in Hamburg.

Next stop was Hershey and a bit of shopping. That’s the essentials sorted – 24 boxes of milk duds chocolates. Tom, that is 24 boxes for me and none for you. They won’t last till I get to see you next.

I eventually arrived in Pittsburgh around 1900 EST after a 380 miles drive and lots of jet lag. Met my mate Phil at his/ our hotel (well, I’m crashing in his hotel room for 3 nights). I am ashamed to admit, I’ve not been to America to see him since his wedding in 1992 when I was his best man. There is no excuse for this delay. It was good to have a beer or two and some food and try to roll back the years.

I saw a little bit of downtown Pittsburgh. It looks a rather nice place. A (former) industrial port that has regenerated . It is the home of Heinz and our hotel is opposite the Heinz museum.

 More pics etc to follow tomorrow after I’ve met Tiffany (Phil’s spouse) and been to the exhibition he is at. Hopefully also will get to see a bit of the town as well.

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