>Dear Diary,  Help – as I type this Friday 21:20-ish the local news is broadcasting tornado warnings for where we are now. I’ve never been in a tornado before! What makes it worse is that Tiffany’s parents are driving here  through the storm and her daughter is out at a school dance. The weather is worsening here, thunder and lightening etc. Not nice. Hope it clears before the morning and my car is not damaged by hail. The whole house is shaking in the thunderstorm.

Well, the weather channel is warning people to be prepared and is warning of golf ball sized hail as well. HELP!

Well, I was going to post about another great day in a beautiful place. I spent most of the day shopping at another outlet mall with my retail consultant advising me on the purchases to make.Thanks Tiffany, I’m sure you are right and the leather chaps will go down well at the football or down the local pub.

Seriously, lots of good shopping help from Tiffany, but I fear I may need yet another new bag for my purchases… Think Customs may be getting me when I get back to England! Tiffany and I had lunch at Subway (fine dining eh?) but I still never got to try the banana peppers there as they had run out. So, can anyone tell me what are banana  peppers?

I must also than Tiffany for the cooking ideas she has given me. Some new ideas to try out when I get home. For example, who would have thought of putting baked beans on a slice of toast for a meal?

Tiffany played the perfect hostess today, indulging my desires, like shopping, finding the drugs store, surfing the net, going to the soccer game etc. This is my last night with Phil and Tiffany and it has been absolutely fantastic to see them both and their 2 children. I have never been made to feel as welcome by anyone. Nothing has been too much trouble. Phil even gave me an alcoholic tour of his beer collection. I have to say the local brewery brews some fine beer.

Tomorrow morning begins the next phase of the adventure with a 450 mile drive to East Hanover NJ to start the bike ride. I am meeting 3 other cyclists at a motorway service station nearby and travelling with them to East Hanover where we will be staying overnight in a hotel before the ride begins. Its a long day tomorrow and I’m not expecting to be at the hotel until early evening at the best.

Hopefully by then Orient will have survived in League one for another season. Tom, you are supposed to be texting me the scores.

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