>Driving in My Car

>The title sums up today – a total of around 500 miles driven!

After attempts to chat to a loved one online proved unsuccessful, I bade goodbye to Phil, Tiffany and family, but not before Ralph & Bonnie kindly made a donation to my sponsorship. This was a most unexpected but very generous surprise.

I drove about 10 miles to meet up with Mike, Erik and Lisa, my riding companions from Ohio. We drove in 2 vehicles the 400+ miles to East Hanover where we are to start the ride from. It seems everyone is aware of my joining the ride. Fame or is it infamy? Should I be worried that in a hotel full of police officers, they all know about me?

After an evening meal and a chance to chat, we had to drive to the hotel for tomorrow night’s stay to drop off Mike, Lisa and Erik’s van. They have no driver to take it on each day. Fortunately for me, I can drop my car off in the morning to the hire company – problem solved.

I have reassembled my bike tonight and after some problems managed to fit the pedals on. However, I appear to have a slight problem with the front wheel. I suspect the bearings are going. I hope it manages to get me through the next 4 days. Tomorrow is a relatively short day – only about 60 miles to ride, but the weather forecast is for it to be cool/ cold and with 40mph winds – not good.

I’d like to end by just saying thanks again to Phil, Tiffany and family for hosting me and making me feel so welcome. I look forward to seeing you all in the summer when you come over to England.

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