>Walk Like A Man

>Well day 1 is over.  We rode 57+ miles and climbed 2400 feet and rode from New Jersey to New Jersey via Newark in New Jersey.

The wind was fierce- and as we zig zagged across NJ we often rode into a head wind.

I can’t do today justice, but it was literally awesome to see 600 cyclists riding in a peloton through the closed streets of New Jersey. The crowds lined the streets to cheers us on. The cars held up and their occupants also applauding us.

At lunch we we joined by the New York State riders who had started their ride at Ground Zero. Prayers were said for the fallen officers. The CEO of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial provided a moving speech about the ride and even mentioned me as the only rider fro England on the Chapter 1 Ride.

The people on the ride are so friendly. I’ve never been so popular with police officers! From the Ohio rides that I met and drove with yesterday through so many riders today. Too many to remember them all. Everyone has a story to tell. I must just mention Michelle from near Sacramento (California) who was riding in memory of her husband who died on duty in a car accident leaving her with 2 young children. She had never ridden a bike before starting training for this ride. She was also away from her children today ( Mother’s Day in the USA). That is such devotion to the memory of her husband.

Last year there were about 120 Police Officers killed in the USA – the lowest total for many years. The slogan of the ride is WE Ride for Those Who Died – its a moving statement and so very true.

So many things to mention today. Had meal tonight at Albert’s – an Indian banqueting centre. He donates $000s every year to this event. He is a true star.

Thanks to everyone who supported the ride, the marshalls, the helpers, the organisers, the public, the motorists.

The Ohio Crew – Erik (Police Officer) Lisa (DA) Me, Michael (US Postal Lawyer

Craig W. Floyd is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

The Backdrop to Lunch ( The Empire State Building) – King Kong doesn’t Work Sundays

Fire Service Welcome us to Lunch Stop

Memorial Service @ Lunch Break

Have you worked out the song title yet?

No, miles in the saddle haven’t left me walking like John Wayne. Its from the Musical Jersey Boys – and we rode all day in New Jersey

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