>Raindrops keep falling on my Head

>This will be rather brief as I’ve managed to damage my laptop. This muppet shut the laptop whilst there was a metal badge on the keyboard, so the screen is damaged and only 45% of it visible.

Today was the longest ride – 96 miles in pouring rain and freezing temperatures. 50+ miles were very wet and the temperature was below 50F (around 9C). So, it was miserable going, but the company of some good riders made it more pleasurable. One of my riding partners today was a lady from Oakland whose brother was one of the 4 Oakland police murdered in a single incident this year.

We are now at Annapolis which is in Baltimore – apparently.

I enjoyed the day thoroughly, despite the temperatures and the rain. The only shame is the ride was only 96 miles. I could easily have done another 30 miles today. I was also one of the strongest rides on the hills – must be going well!

Tomorrow is the ride to Washington DC and then the parade into the city itself

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