>I Have a Dream

>Well no cycling today. The ride is over.  This is National Police Week in the USA and events culminate tonight with a Candlelight Vigil at the NLEOM. I am heading off there very shortly.

I spent today walking round Washington. I went to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII, Korean and Vietnam War memorials, the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.

I also visited the NLEOM and the related resource centre. It was sad to see so many names on the walls and so many survivors there to remember their loved ones. So many wreaths, hand written letters, notes pictures etc.

I have a number of photos and pictures of today, but I can’t upload them at present. Will have to do it at the weekend when back home.

The only downside of today is that my knee is killing me. The walking has been very painful and has definitely aggravated it. Strangely, the cycling all week was fine. All offers to massage my knee will be gratefully accepted, and I’ll rank the offers in terms of the prettiness of the offerer!!!!!
Right- sorry this is so short, but need to get ready to go out.

PS 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  is…. look it up yourself

PPS I Have a Dream – MLK’s speech was made on steps of Lincoln Memorial

One thought on “>I Have a Dream

  1. >Is that why you called round to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue??? Did the 1st Lady[Michelle]offer to massage your knee then? lol. Well done, excellant effort….. I'll buy you a tube of Deep Heat…….Dawn

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