>Amazing Grace

>Just attended the Candlelight vigil tonight, aslong with 20,000 others, including the US Attorney General and the Secretary for Homeland Security.

It was an incredibly moving service and worth cycling 300 m iles to attend.  So many people and so many stories to be told.

I’m proud to have helped raised funds for this cause. The US certainly know how to look after the survivors of such deaths. (Survivors being the relatives and loved ones of the deceased).

Incredibly enough, like me, the officer stood next to me has relatives from the Isle of Man! I couldn’t believe anyone had even heard of the place.

A Relative from the Isle of Man?

The Thin Blue Line

Candles in the Wind

So, its homeward bound tomorrow 😦

I will be updating this blog with more thoughts and photos over the course of the next week, so its not over yet.