In The Beginning Was The Word….

Wembley 2010 with my cousin a Blackpool fan - great day out


Well every blog has to start with a first post and this is mine.  

What is the theme of this blog? I’ll tell you when I decide! I used to be indecisive, but I’m not sure anymore.  

My life is in a strange position at the moment. I have just returned from the Police Unity Tour Ride, and have no major cycling events planned at present, apart from an Audax in Penzance in July and probably the London to Southend BHF ride the week before that. So my cycling is lacking direction at present.  

Work is similarly lacking direction. I have a new boss at work, but despite the fact there are only about 20 of us in the building at work, I  have not yet seen my boss or even had an email from him. However as he only took over in post officially on 1st April, I am clearly being unreasonable in expecting to see him or hear from him by now aren’t I? I mean its only 68 days into the role.  

Personal life? Well that’s similarly strange at present. I appear to be single again, oh and skint. So I suppose there is at  least one constant in my life – yes being skint.  

Sporting Life – waiting for the Tour De France to start and waiting until June 17th for the football fixtures to be published. Mackems away opening day? Oh yes, there is a little football tournament about to start in South Africa. I entered the work sweepstake and drew Ghana. That was a waste of £10 wasn’t it?  

Right enough about me and my world. What can I bore you with now?….  

Well, I am trying to motivate myself to cycle more. I got back on my fixed wheel bike and rode the 25+ mile round trip to/ from work. Its only the 4th commute I’ve ridden since April 😦 . I have to say that it is good to look back over the years and see how much my fitness has improved. In 2001, cycling 2 miles was an effort. Now, the 25 mile round trip is done with little effort. A testament to the benefits of cycling.  

2 thoughts on “In The Beginning Was The Word….

  1. Ahahaha Ghana…. That’s funny!

    The last three I’ve entered for a major tournament sweepstake I’ve got Greece (Euro 2004), Italy (World Cup 2006) and Spain (Euro 2008).

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