Ow Ow Ow

Can I recommend to all you not to fall off your bike, especially not onto a busy dual carriageway….

Yes, I had another accident last night. This time no vehicles involved. I was heading home from work and set off from the traffic lights on the Embankment near Blackfriars underpass when I hear a snap and  hit the ground at speed, with my head hitting the road very hard.

Fortunately the coach that was immediately behind me had stopped without hitting me. I scrambled to my feet and got off the road. Looked at bike and saw half the crank arm had snapped off. Still, I only had a bit of road rash on my elbow. It meant a 2 mile walk back to my work, leave the bike there and travel home by public transport. I was supposed to be meeting someone in my local, so was inevitably was going to be late.

On the way home, I remembered that I don’t like public transport – too many people there and too dirty and sweaty. Still it gave me a chance to examine my cycle helmet. Not a good sight, it has a large chunk missing and the main part is split in two parts. It clearly saved me from a nasty head injury. I for one would never ride without a helmet after this.

Sat in the pub later catching up with a good friend, I could feel some of the bruising coming out. By tonight, some 24 hours after the accident, I have bruising to my hip, thigh, road rash on my elbow and  whiplash injury to my neck. Oh and a groin strain. It’s difficult to move at all. If I stay still, eg sat on sofa or in a chair I’m ok, but trying to move is painful. Still I’ve never needed an encouragement to sit on sofa.

This is my right elbow and back of my left knee.

Tomorrow its off to the bike shop to see about a new group set for the bike. I’m beginning to think the bike is jinxed as I was riding it last year when I was hit by a car.

I wonder what the coach driver thought as he saw me fall off in front of him? I’m sure he wasn’t too impressed.

This weekend brings me off to Barnsley to see friends with Tom and to watch the England v USA game. It should be a good night

Next week I’m off to see Bradley Walsh in concert with a dear friend. I’d better be back cycling next week as well. Then its my annual trip to the CTC rally at York on Saturday week, followed by a night out on Tyneside. Should be a great weekend.

I wonder if I can get some stabilisers from York Rally for my bike?