World Cup Day 1

Well the football World Cup kicked off today. Two draws didn’t exactly cause too much in the way of shocks. Nothing like the Senegal v France game 8 years ago when the World Cup holders lost their opening game. Henry was obviously unable to make his handling skills tell tonight.

Can I just point out to all the Septics who may be reading this that it’s the FOOTBALL World Cup organised by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). Not the Fédération Internationale de SOCCER Association.

World Cup Omens?
England to beat Germany in World Cup?

Its written in the numbers…

…Its 66 years this year since we gave the Germans a kicking on D Day and thereafter.

Of course 1966 was the year England beat Germany to win the World Cup.

So I make that as England to beat Germany again this year and win the World Cup or invade France again – either would be acceptable