The Wonders of Modern Technology

Just a quick update now I’ve learned I can blog from my Blackberry phone!

I’ve got my place on the 2011 Police Unity Tour as have Michael & Eric from Ohio & Lisa from Canada. I’m looking @ ideas for fund raising. Any suggestions?

Cycling wise, I’ve not been out much owing to a recurrence of problems with my knee & also owing to work commitments.

I have got to see the surgeon about an operation on my knee. This would mean six weeks completely off my bike. 😦 Still it could mean an excuse to be off work in the winter weather. Also, an operation could be an excuse to get either Michelle or my mother to look after & pamper me for a while as I recuperate. (Hope they don’t read this!)

Work commitments has been a number of overnight trips away & hence time off the bike.

As I write this, I am off work on holiday for a week. Oh & its the derby against the Mackems on Sunday (newcastle v sunderland). Guess where I am spending the week.

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