Life in the Madhouse?

Well, from a madhouse of just me in London, I’m currently staying with Michelle & family in the beautiful Tyne Valley.

Yesterday started with walking the dogs @ 0645am. I know now why I like cats!

We went out for the day to the coast, driving up to Amble for a fish & chips lunch & a quick walk of the dogs, then to Alnmouth for a blow job on the beach. Sorry, I meant being on a very windy beach & getting blown along by the wind. I say “we” but had better explain that. There were 4 people in the car, Michelle, moi, and her 2 boys Jack (17) and Josh (11). However unfortunately Jack suffers from “Teenager syndrome” meaning he was unable to get out of the car at all! Around 7 hours in the back of a tiny Citroen C1 is not my idea of fun!

The good news is we remembered to get the “garlic, orange marmalade & free range eggs”. We arrived home just around “Wine o’clock” – kindly sponsored by Wylam Spar – 3 bottles for £10!

What’s any of this got to do with cycling you ask? Well, I brought my bike up to Michelle’s in the back of my car. Guess where the bike still remains? Still they say its the thought that counts!

Football wise, I’m glad to see Newcastle warmed up for the derby against the Mackems with a fine 0-4 home defeat by Arsenal in the FA Cup! (Insert sarcastic smilie here).

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